“That’s the thing, what is the stereotype?” Crystal asked Ron.

“That’s the thing, what is the stereotype?” Crystal asked Ron. “Do we have to look like our clothes are complete garbage, or do we have to smell like garbage to be a homeless person? There are resources where we can get our clothes cleaned; we can get new clothes from the UGM. And also, there are places where we can go and shower, too. Get daily updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for wholesale jerseys subscribing!The community activist said the man, who was wearing a smart suit and claimed to be Italian, gave cheap nhl jerseys him a “sob story” about how he was heading for Prestwick Airport to catch a flight and was trying to off load four garments.Mr Crawford, who lives in Broomlands Street, added: “This man said he was flying back to Milan from Prestwick and wanted to sell the rest of his wares. His excuse was that he wanted to get a present for his father at duty free in the airport.”However, the nature of the sales pitch immediately rang alarm bells for Mr Crawford, who used to work as an assistant buyer for the Co operative Wholesale Society one of the country’s largest retailers.Duty free shopping within the EU came to an end in June 1999.Mr Crawford said the salesman proceeded to show him a black leather jacket, a sand coloured suede jacket, a dark waterproof jacket and a dark grey coat all wrapped in cellophane.The man claimed the first jacket was worth the second was worth and the third was worth but he offered Mr Crawford the chance to buy the lot for with the coat thrown in for free.However, Mr Crawford turned him down and walked away.”The guy obviously couldn’t take rejection because he seemed quite upset,” said Mr Crawford. “He cheap football jerseys must have thought my head buttoned up from the back.”If the man was genuine, he wouldn’t be offering high quality items from the back of a car, especially in the West End of Paisley.”I want to warn other people not to fall for this guy’s sob story if he approaches them.”In my working days, I used to see salesmen coming round all the time with samples and this man was dressed accordingly but I have my suspicions that all of the items he was trying to sell had been stolen.”A Renfrewshire Council spokesman told the Paisley Daily Express that the ‘phoney sales rep’ is an all too familiar scam.He said: “This scam involves a respectable looking ‘sales rep’ who claims to be on the way home from a trade event and has samples that he or she doesn’t want to have to take back with them.”The rep picks a victim and offers the samples for sale at a knockdown price.

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