IT might have been

IT might have been 76 years ago, but Myrtleville grazier Ian Ross remembers it like it was yesterday: a plane flying so low over the farm it scared him.What and why was this lumbering passenger aircraft doing in the area on that February evening? Did it crash an hour later near Cordeaux Dam? These questions have remained with Mr Ross since he was that astonished seven year old boy.Now, thanks to diligent historical aviation research, the mystery is solved. Well, sort of: Mr Ross still isn’t 100 per cent sure the sleuths have got the right plane.”The photos they’ve found of the plane that crashed don’t look like the one I’ve wondered about all these years,” he says.”But we’ve worked out I had only six seconds to see it go really low over our house and disappear behind a ridge. And visibility was pretty poor I suppose..”So, Mr Ross still can’t completely let rest in peace the memory of that unusual high wing monoplane. Did it carry five occupants all of them killed an hour after he’d seen it fly over the family farm around 7pm on Wednesday, February 19, 1936?If it was the WASP Airlines plane, VH UUZ, which smashed into trees and burned near Cordeaux Dam, south of Sydney, around 8pm, that evening, young Ian Ross was probably the last person to see it.Big newsThis disaster was a big news story at the time. Although commercial aviation was past its harum scarum infancy by then, flying as a passenger or pilot was still something of an exciting novelty for most people.

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