Interesting article on fire ants

Fire ants need a hostile climate

Interesting article on fire ants. Until now, I never had heard anyone in town actually admit to believing in the lefty hoax of global warming. You may want to validate cheap jerseys that heart felt dogma with some Bostonians, who just endured a record annual snowfall. Thankfully, you also made me aware that playing with gasoline and matches is MORE likely to cause a forest fire now, than in bygone times. Who knew? This is probably due to that pesky “global warming.”

Keep up the good work you are definitely writing for the right rag. Er, make that the correct rag.

Your column on ants was interesting since I have also waged war on ants, including fire ants. My solution that is cheap, nontoxic, and environmentally friendly is the lowly dishwashing detergent. I mix it just as you would for washing dishes in both large detergent squeeze bottles and reused spray bottles. I use the spray bottles for the ant trails and under items that they cluster under such as pots, etc.

Use the large squeeze bottles for the nests. The secret for nests is to pour it slowly so none flows away but down through the tunnels and enough to reach the queen. With the spray you can see that the solution stops them immediately.

I discovered this by accident when I emptied car washing solution on them.

We enjoyed your blog post yesterday titled, “Going to War Against the Ant Invasion” in the Ledger Enquirer. We too encourage and promote the use of diatomaceous earth (DE) for the natural control of these types of insect issues. (We are in the business of selling DE.) I would like to send you (free of charge) one of our diatomaceous earth insecticide kits. We feel that once the general population discovers the benefits of using naturally occurring products like diatomaceous earth to control insects, the world will be a much safer place.

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